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  • Lisa

Maroochydore's Chambers Island

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Chambers Island in Maroochydore has got to be one of the Sunshine Coast’s best spots for families with young kids!

Chambers Island is a sand island in the Maroochy River, which you walk to via a footbridge on Bradman Ave (near the intersection with Thomas St).

There are a few parking spots near the bridge on Bradman, but these are limited so you may need to head down Thomas St to Broadwater Ave and surrounding streets to find a spot.

You could also arrive by a boat or kayak, if that is more your thing!

It doesn’t take very long to walk around the whole island, so even if it is a busy day, it should still be easy to find a spot to yourself.

The island is encompassed by beaches, so there are plenty of places to access the river for a swim. The water is usually shallow and calm, especially compared to the ocean beaches, making it perfect for swimming for young kids.

It is apparently a great spot to fish either straight from the beach or from a boat, with whiting, trevally, flathead and bream in the river here.

There is also a beautiful grove of trees in the centre of the island which provides lots of shade and also great tree climbing opportunities for the little monkeys of the family!

On the mainland, just off the island bridge, is Swan Boat Hire, where you can hire a range of watercraft. We saw lots of people hiring tinnies and kayaks (they even have kid’s kayaks for ages 4 to 8).

Although there are no shops on the island, there are toilets, as well as picnic tables and BBQ facilities.

There is also a small playground, which is great for little kids.

We had such a lovely, relaxing time on the island and definitely recommend checking out this hidden gem if you are in Maroochydore!


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