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Tesalate Anti-bacterial Workout Towels

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

We have been using our Tesalate XL beach towel for over a year now and we love it so much! It is large enough for all of us to sit on, but folds up small and doesn’t bring any sand or stinkiness into the van.

We pretty much used it every day as we travelled and so we were excited to try Tesalate’s new workout towels.

These are made for the gym: small (45cm x 100cm), ultra absorbent and quick drying. The towels are antibacterial and odour free, and come in beautiful bright colours, just like their famous beach towels.

The fabric is different on each side, which would be super handy at the gym as you would always know which is the equipment-down side, and which is for your face.

Now, if I’m honest… I haven’t actually taken them to the gym. I haven’t even set foot in a gym in a year! But I still seriously love these towels.

One of the problems that we had with the XL beach towel was that it was so big that it was difficult to use in a bathroom. It would drag along the wet floor and was too large to use like a regular towel.

We travelled with separate bath towels and kept the Tesalate towel for outdoor use - it is such a fantastic beach towel and picnic rug!

But this is where the workout towels come in...

They are so small that they take up hardly any space in the van, and they are absorbent enough to use every day as a bath towel. They have a little hook halfway along the side, so we could hang them up to dry in the van, and boy do they dry in record time! And they really don’t get smelly, like a bath towel in between washes.

We think they are the perfect travel towels!

Although Tesalate gave us two of their towels, I have not been paid for this blog post. This review is my honest opinion of our experience with the towels.


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